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In Our Network features artists, arts administrators, culture workers and curators whose engagement with the IMAN has been ongoing and integral to our work of dynamic arts programming and organizing for social change and fostering health and wellness in the inner city. More than a network, they are our community. We invite you to explore their inspiring work! (Also, check out artists On Our Radar!)

Khalid el-Hakim

Founder and Curator of the Black History 101 Mobile Museum

Khalid el-Hakim is the founder and curator of the Black History 101 Mobile Museum, a collection of over 7,000 original artifacts of Black memorabilia dating from the trans-Atlantic slave trade era to hip-hop culture.

Lavon Pettis 

Culture Worker, Lavon Pettis

Over the past decade, Lavon has dedicated her time strategizing with the leadership team at IMAN to use arts, culture, and faith as a vehicle for program development for the global community.

Quadir Lateef

Quadir Lateef

Seasoned Hip-hop Artist, Quadir Lateef

During the past decade, Houston native, Quadir Lateef has maintained an impressive rap career while remaining rooted in activism by working with Cornell West, Jasiri X, Tamika Mallory, Carmen Perez, Linda Sarsour and more.

Enoch Muhammad

Enoch DetoxX

Co-founder and Hip-Hop EmPowerMenT Specialist of Hip-Hop DetoxX

Brother Enoch is Executive Director and Lead EmPowerMenT Specialist of a public health not-for profit organization called Hip-Hop DetoxX.


On Our Radar lists artists whose applications to the IMAN Artist Roster were met with great enthusiasm. We feel they are artists to watch and we are looking forward to following their work. Check them out!

Alicia “Blue Eyes” Smith   |   Chicago, IL   |   Music   |   Seasoned Artist

Alyssa Crain   |   Detroit, MI   |   Visual Arts   |   Upcoming Artist

Asma & Jonathon Iheanacho (Two Bee Moore)   |   Houston, TX   |   Performance Art   |   Upcoming Artist

Augustine “Tino” Melecio   |   Chicago, IL   |   Arts Education   |    Seasoned Artist

Aymen Abdel Halim |   Chicago, IL   |   Music  |    Seasoned Artist

Chihsuan Yang |   Los Angeles, CA   |   Music   |   Seasoned Artist

Fatimah Asghar   |   Chicago, IL   |   Literary Arts   |   Upcoming Artist

Fatima Zehra |   Chicago, IL   |   Visual Arts   |   New Artist

Gulnaz Saiyed   |  Chicago, IL   |   Literary Arts  |   New Artist

Hera Shakir |  Chicago, IL   |   Music  |   Upcoming Artist

Honey Padre |  Chicago, IL   |   Music  |   Mid-Career Artist

John the Author   |   Chicago, IL   |   Music   |    Upcoming Artist

Joshua “Yeshua” Gunty   |    Chicago, IL   |   Multidisciplinary Arts   |   Upcoming Artist

Jovonna Jackson   |   Chicago, IL   |   Visual Arts   |   Upcoming Artist

Larry Taylor Hill   |   Chicago, IL   |   Music   |   Seasoned Artist

Liz Lazdins |   Chicago, IL   |   Visual Arts   |   Mid-career Artist

Lula Saleh |  Minneapolis, MN  |   Multidisciplinary Arts   |  Upcoming Artist

Meriem Sadoun |  Chicago, IL |   Multidisciplinary Arts   |  Upcoming Artist

Mojdeh Stoakley |  Chicago, IL  | Multidisciplinary Arts  |  Mid-career Artist

Mos Gen |  New York, NY  | Multidisciplinary Arts Upcoming Artist

Nour Zein |  Mokena, IL  |   Music   |   Upcoming Artist

Norbaya “Gretl Sunshine” Durr   |   Chicago, IL   |   Multidisciplinary Arts   |   New Artist

Sadiyah Bashir |  Bowie, MD |  Literary Arts  |   Upcoming Artist

Samiyah Malik |  Lawrenceville, GA |  Visual Arts  |   Neewe Artist

Sarah Mohr |  Albany, CA |   Visual Arts   |   Upcoming Artist

Selma D |  Chicago, IL |   Performance Art  |   Mid-Career Artist

Sunah Nash |  South Orange, NJ |  Visual Arts  |  Upcoming Artist

Teakster   |   Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom   |   Visual Arts   |   Mid-Career Artist

Yolonda Welch-Jackson  |  Atlanta, GA |   Music   |   Mid-Career Artist


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