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Aint Afraid

                                                                                 Visual Arts, Music, Performance Art

Aint Afraid is a multi-talented girl band with twin sisters, Straingth & Wizdumb. Natives of Baltimore, Md; raised in Detroit MI, this duo has been singing since 2 yrs old. Music is a staple in their lives that helped them get through difficult times. Inspired by their mom, an artist herself, they performed on stages and events from early on. The locally known, singing twins, would later become, the multi-talented double dose of dopeness, to the world. Aint Afraid is dedicated to empowering, inspiring, and motivating people all over the world. This Twinsz use their talents in the arts, media, and other creative platforms to project this mission in ways that people will listen. They’ve featured in Vogue Arabia, Audio Femme, Mission Magazine, and collaborated with major brands. Since making their debut as recording artists in June 2020, they’ve garnered millions of streams in less than a year unsurprisingly due to catchy hooks, melodic harmonies, and relatable lyrics for multiple audiences to vibe to. Their mix of modern pop, hip hop, soul, and r&b is inspired by a diverse group of talent that includes Lauryn Hill, J.Cole, and Beyonce. Aint Afraid’s talents include songwriting, singing, rapping, spoken word, fashion, dance, creative direction and more. Their passion for advocacy can be heard in their music and seen in their community. Being an ally to combat issues in poverty, homelessness, healthcare, education, hunger & mental health are important to them. Aint Afraid has Inspired and taught so many youth and young leaders through song, poetry, and other artistic outlets in theater and communications. They have been awarded and recognized as mentors, phenomenal women, model citizens, and big sisters to their community.