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Liza Garza

                                                        Multidisciplinary Arts: Poetry, Music, Performance, Traditional/Folk Arts

Emmy Award ­nominated Liza Garza is a lightworker, mother, activist, poet, vocalist, healer and facilitator who is passionate about Oneness. From her soulful sounds of Mexican folk tunes with the intricacy of Hip Hop rhyme schemes to her handcrafted adornments inspired by indigenous textiles, she bridges the ancestral with the modern.

With performances that include The Lincoln Center, The Apollo, NALAC, HBO Def Poetry and numerous stages worldwide, diverse people find a home in her voice. Possessing a self-formatted degree in Performance Activism from the University of Michigan-Flint, Liza spends the balance of her time speaking at Universities and Conferences.

Check out Liza’s project and residency as a 2018-19 Sacred Cypher Creative!