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PopMaster Fabel

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Popmaster Fabel

Jorge “POPMASTER FABEL” Pabon was born and raised in NYC’s Spanish Harlem where at an early age he developed his dance and choreography career at Hip Hop jams and clubs throughout the city. His pioneering individuality has been showcased internationally since 1982.

A senior member of the Rock Steady Crew and member of the Electric Boogaloos, Fabel is also co-founder of GhettOriginal Productions Inc. With GhettOriginal, Fabel co-authored, co-directed, and co-choreographed the first two Hip Hop musicals ever, “So! What Happens Now?” and “Jam on the Groove” (first official Off-Broadway Hip Hop musical). He toured internationally as a featured performer with “Jam on the Groove,” which was nominated for best choreography at the Drama Desk Awards in 1996. Along with fellow members of the Rhythm Technicians and The Rock Steady Crew, he won the 1991 Bessie Award for choreography. Fabel gained world renown as a featured dancer in the Hip Hop cult classic movie, “Beat Street.” Along with senior members of Rock Steady Crew, Fabel was an honoree at VH1’s 1st Hip Hop Honors. He was featured in VH1’s The White Rapper Show.

He was named Hip Hop Professor of the Year in The Village Voice’s Best of New York 2012. Words, Beats and Life honored him as the Hip Hop Pioneer of the Year in 2012. His essays have been published in various books including: Born in the Bronx, Hip Hop Files, Total Chaos and The Nasty Terrible T-Kid 170. Fabel is working on three documentaries: “Apache Line: From Gangs To Hip Hop”, “Rock Dance History: The Untold Story of Up-Rockin’” and “Urban Armor: Hip Hop’s Fashionable Flavor”. Fabel is a legend, pioneer, historian and activist within Hip Hop culture. He also expresses himself as a digital artist, videographer, editor and DJ. He is a co-founder of Tools Of War, a grassroots Hip Hop company covering publicity, events, promotions and consultation.