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Jacinda Bullie

           Performance Art: Theater 

Jacinda Bullie aka Jah da Amp Mouth is an artist by temperament. Prior to rhymes, Jacinda was a natural critique of circumstances, interrogating the world through Hip Hop Poetics. In ’96, Jacinda, alongside Jaquanda V. and Leida GM., co-founded Kuumba Lynx, a twenty three year old Hip Hop art & culture collective. Jacinda is currently a co-curator of the Chicago Hip Hop Theater Fest. Most recently Jacinda was named a 2019 @3Arts Make A Wave awardee.  She is a contributing writer to the poetry anthology, Halal If U Hear Me and co-author of a poetic coloring book entitled FILLINZ…Put Some Respect on It!  In collaboration with her performance partner, she is currently embarking on their next publication, a memoir, entitled WE GOT 5 On It!, about the life and times of a winning slam poetry team.  Jah’s first children’s book,You Winking at Me? illustrated by Sam Kirk is in the works! Jacinda works to deepen a continuum of community healing, offering her gifts as a Doula, Divine Body Work Practitioner and 90’s Hip Hop preservationist.  She is Chicago’s only ToothKandy Inc. Technician.