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Kamilah Furqaan


Camille Jordan was born and raised in Chicago, and is a graduate of Chicago State University earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in music education. She is a classically-trained flutist, pianist and vocalist; who has performed with many nationally known musicians: Kurt Brown, Diane Ellis, Da’wi Williams, and the late great Ghalib Ghallab to name a few. Camille is comfortable in many different genres of music but her love is Jazz. Her spiritual and stage name is Kamilah Furqaan which was given to her by the late Imam Warith D. Mohammed her spiritual mentor. She says, “one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from this great Imam is simply this, one G-d, one Creation and one Humanity.” Kamilah recognizes her music as a gift from The Creator and endeavors to give the listener a fresh, honest, impassioned and entertaining musical experience.